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Established in 2005, DG Global Inc., a proudly Canadian owned and operated company, is the leading exporter of containerized grains in Canada.  Through its partnerships and network of facilities domestically and abroad, we excel in expanding the footprint for Canadian agricultural commodities with a reach of more than 60 countries around the world.

With facilities in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, in addition to the US and overseas, we work tirelessly to establish new market opportunities for containerized soybeans, grains, pulses and special crops on behalf of Canadian producers.  We are deeply committed to ongoing support of Canada’s grain market, while serving each unique region’s producers with the quality and care they expect and deserve.

DG Global specializes in:

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Delivery and storage of all food grade, non-GMO, conventional and organic pulses, grains and special crops.
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High-moisture grain drying and storage.
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Prompt and flexible delivery options, including on-farm pickup availability.
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Storage capabilities for all sizes and grades of product throughout.
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Collaboration opportunities with researchers, breeders and seed developers in pursuit of new varieties.

Breaking Boundaries: Our Collaborative Network

Canada Organic Logo

We are pleased to partner with Canada Organic, a leading organization promoting the growth of the organic industry in Canada. Through this partnership, we are able to work with Canada Organic to ensure that our products meet the highest organic standards, and to promote the growth and sustainability of the organic industry in Canada.

Global Pulses Confederation Logo

By partnering with GPC, we are able to leverage their expertise and resources to bring our customers the best possible products and services. This partnership enables us to provide our customers with the highest quality food products, while also supporting the sustainability of the pulse industry worldwide.

Canadian Pulse and Special Crops Trade Association

DG Global and the Canadian Pulse and Special Crops Trade Association have formed a strategic partnership to strengthen their respective positions in the global pulse and special crops markets. Together, we aim to promote sustainable agriculture practices, enhance market access, and drive growth for the Canadian pulse and special crops industry.

USA Pulses Logo

As a company committed to providing the highest quality food products, we recognize the importance of working with partners who share our values. USA Pulses is known for its dedication to quality and sustainability, and we are thrilled to be able to offer their products to our customers.

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